Oxford bag for Ninebot ES1/ES2/E22E/ES4 and Xiaomi



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The Oxford bag, spacious and made of high quality, allows you to carry your Ninebot-Segway or Xiaomi electric scooter with you. The bag is waterproof and scratch-resistant.
The bag folds when not in use, which is very convenient. Ideal for travel or storage at home, just as it is easy to transport.
Can be used for all electric scooters.

Suitable for:
Ninebot-Segway ES1
Ninebot-Segway ES2
Ninebot-Segway ES3
Ninebot-Segway ES4
Ninebot-Segway E22E
Ninebot-Segway E25E
Ninebot-Segway E45E
Xiaomi M365
Xiaomi 1S
Xiaomi Essential
Xiaomi PRO
Xiaomi PRO2
and many more

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