Battery for Xiaomi Pro & Pro2 electric scooter


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This battery is specially designed for electric scooter such as Xiaomi Pro2, Pro, and Xiaomi Pro replicas or similar electric scooters. It is equipped with high-quality original 18650 cells that are carefully controlled to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


Capacity and voltage:

The battery has a capacity of 10 Ah and a voltage of 36V.

Battery cells:

The battery is equipped with 18650 AED-25p 2500ma/h cells that have high performance and reliability.


The battery is configured as 10S4P to achieve an optimal balance between capacity and performance.

Charging and discharging plugs:

The battery has an XT 30 male discharge plug and a 2-pin male JST plug for charging.

BMS features:

The battery’s BMS (Battery Management System) has several functions, including a maximum charge of 42V, balance start at 4V, cut-off voltage at 30V, maximum discharge (current spikes) at 25A, and recommended discharge (continuous discharge) at 20A. The BMS also has a separate charging port and software version 122.

Overall, this battery is an excellent solution for Xiaomi Pro2 and Xiaomi Pro electric scooters.

Compatible with:

Xiaomi Pro2 Xiaomi Pro Xiaomi Pro replicas

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