Shock absorbing 8.5″ electric scooter tires


These tires fit all Xiaomi and are incredibly comfortable to drive with. The tires are super comfortable and non-slip. This tire is harder to mount than other types, so make sure you have good practical skills to mount these tires or find someone who can help you.

Cost is per tire

High comfort
Good Shock Absorption
8.5-inch solid tire
Ensures stable driving in all weather
Fits most Xiaomi models and other 8.5″ electric scooters
Can be changed by heating or by the purchase of mounting tools

Suitable for:
Xiaomi M365
Xiaomi 1S
Xiaomi Essential
Xiaomi PRO
Xiaomi PRO2
Cecotec Bongo Serie A
and many more 8.5-inch electric scooters

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg