Original dashboard for Ninebot E22E , E25E and E45E



This dashboard is a spare part suitable for both Ninebot E22E, E25E, and E45E.

Most people have tried to get out the door and the chain jumps off the bike, that the car will not start or that your electric scooter will not start. There are hardly any things that are more annoying. Therefore, we encourage everyone to take good care of his electric scooter. This dashboard is original and fits all Ninebot E-series electric scooters.

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Suitable for:
All ES models
Ninebot E22E
Ninebot E22D
Ninebot E25E
Ninebot E25D
Ninebot E45E
Ninebot E45D

Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg

E22D/E22E, E25D/E25E