Bell for Ninebot Max and Xiaomi electric scooter



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When traveling in traffic, safety is of utmost importance. This simple bell is designed to provide a sharp and lengthy sound that can alert people around you and ensure your safety on the road.


  • Material: Iron and plastics
  • Pack weight: 22g

This bell fits all Xiaomi, Ninebot-Segway max-series, F-serie and D-serie electric scooters.

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Ninebot D18, Ninebot D28, Ninebot D38, Ninebot F20, Ninebot F25, Ninebot F30, Ninebot F40, Ninebot G30, Ninebot G30D, Ninebot G30LD, Ninebot G30LD II, Ninebot G30LE, Ninebot G30LE II, Xiaomi 1S, Xiaomi Essential, Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi PRO, Xiaomi PRO2, Xiaomi Scooter 3