External battery bracket for Ninebot Segway ES1, ES2 &E22E



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External battery bracket for Ninebot ES1, ES2, E22, E25 &E45 electric scooter with an external battery

If you experience problems with your external battery, it is typically your external battery bracket that is the problem. You can Elshoppen buy a new and cheap battery bracket including screws. The battery bracket fits all Ninebot by Segway electric scooters.

External battery bracket for Ninebot electric scooter (External battery mounting bracket)
Compatible with ES1, ES2, and ES4, as well as all Ninebot E models, such as E22, E25 &E45
High quality

Included are the following:
Aluminum mounting rail.
The screws for fixing the rail
Stainless steel bolts for attaching an external battery

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Ninebot E22D, Ninebot E22E, Ninebot E25D, Ninebot E25E, Ninebot E45D, Ninebot E45E, Ninebot ES1, Ninebot ES2, Ninebot ES2L, Ninebot ES4