Brake for Ninebot F20, F25, F30, and F40 models


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Introducing our new and innovative brake with built-in bell and hook lock, produced by Ninebot, specially designed for Ninebot F20, F25, F30, and F40 models.

The built-in bell provides you with the ability to alert pedestrians and other vehicles of your presence on the road. This is especially useful when you’re riding in crowded areas or places with heavy foot traffic. With the hook lock, you can carry the scooter.

The brake and bell-lock functions are combined in one part, saving space on your Ninebot F-model and making it easier to operate. With the easily accessible bell and hook lock, you don’t have to take your hands off the handlebars to use them, which enhances your safety on the road.

This spare part is produced by Ninebot and is made of high-quality materials. It fits perfectly with Ninebot F-models and provides optimal brake function.

Order your Ninebot brake with built-in bell and hook lock today and enjoy a practical and secure ride on your electric scooter.

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