Monorim V4 shock absorber set for Ninebot F and D-series electric scooter


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Monorim V4 shock absorber is tailored to all models of Ninebot F-serie and D-serie. This is a must-have if you use your Ninebot F-serie and D-seriefor city driving. The product improves the electric scooter itself lacking of shock absorber, as well as the comfort when driving over larger rocks and holes. The product is produced by Monorim and is version 4.

Name: Monorim V4 shock absorber for Ninebot F-serie and D-series
Color: black
Material: steel
Weight: approx. 2400 grams

Suitable for:
All Ninebot F-serie and D-series

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Ninebot D18, Ninebot D28, Ninebot D38, Ninebot F20, Ninebot F25, Ninebot F30, Ninebot F40