Rear screen for Ninebot F20, F25, F30 or F40


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This rear screen is the perfect addition to your Ninebot F20, F25, F30 or F40, and it is produced by Ninebot itself, which means it is of high quality and will fit your scooter perfectly.

The rear screen is designed to protect you from dirt and water that may splash up on you while you ride. It also helps to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on the scooter itself.

Installation of the rear screen is very simple and requires only a few steps. You simply need to mount it on the back of your Ninebot, and you are ready to ride.

The rear screen is made of durable material designed to withstand all types of weather conditions and wear. If you want to protected from dirt and water, while also giving your Ninebot the old stylish look, then this replacement rear screen is the perfect choice for you.

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