350W engine with solid tires for Xiaomi electric scooter


If, after prolonged use of your Xiaomi M365 electric scooter, you experience that the engine is starting to make noise or find that your electric scooter is no longer pulling as when it was new, then switch to this improved and more powerful engine. This 350W engine, suitable for virtually all models from Xiaomi, provides 350 watts and is more powerful than the original engine that comes with it by default Xiaomi M365 , Xiaomi essential and Xiaomi 1S. After installation, your electric scooter will perform as you wish. The original engine in an M365 provides 250W, so you get a significantly more powerful engine.

Material: Aluminium + rubber
Color: black
Engine power: 350W
Top speed: 42 km/h
External diameter: 25 cm
Pack weight: About 2954g / 107.7oz
Quick acceleration

Xiaomi M365
Xiaomi 1S
Xiaomi Essential

The engine must be fitted

NOTE: The engine has a top speed of about 38-42 km/h, but it requires flashing firmware/tuner its Xiaomi electric scooter. This is 100% at your own risk, warranty and complaint waive by flashing/tuna, our experience tells us that many do not thoroughly get into the tuna of electric scooters and can therefore destroy parts or the entire electric scooter if done wrong. Therefore, seek professional advice before tuning your Xiaomi electric scooter. This is not something we can help you wit

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg