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Introducing this Xiaomi electric scooter accelerator, a must-have spare part for any Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi Essential, or Xiaomi 1S owner.

With its lightweight design of only 140 grams, this accelerator adds minimal weight to your scooter. The accelerator is constructed of durable plastic and alu materials, ensuring it can withstand daily use and continue to function properly.

The Xiaomi electric scooter accelerator is a great addition for those who are looking for a spare. Order yours today!


Lightweight design: At only 140 grams, the accelerator won’t add much extra weight to your scooter, making it easy to carry and maneuver.

Durable materials: Constructed of plastic and alu materials, the accelerator is built to withstand daily use and last for a long time.

Easy installation: The accelerator is designed to fit Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi Essential, and Xiaomi 1S scooters and can be installed by the user with no special tools required.

Fits these scooters

  • Xiaomi 1S
  • Xiaomi M365
  • Xiaomi Essential

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Xiaomi 1S, Xiaomi Essential, Xiaomi M365