10×2,5 tires for Ninebot MAX and other electric scooters



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Introducing our 10×2.5 inch tires, the perfect addition to your electric scooter for improved safety and performance on the road. These tires are specifically designed to fit the Ninebot Max model and feature an extra-deep tire pattern for maximum grip and slip-resistance, ensuring that you can navigate through traffic with confidence and ease.

When it comes to riding on an electric scooter, safety should always be your top priority. And with these tires, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you have reliable and dependable traction, even in cold weather conditions. The extra-deep tread design provides more than enough traction, allowing you to make tight turns, braking and accelerating with more control, minimizing the risk of accidents.


  • High quality
  • Ensures stable driving in all weather
  • Fits Ninebot MAX and other 10″ electric scooters
  • Can be changed by heating or by the purchase of mounting tools

Fits these scooters

  • Ninebot G30
  • Ninebot G30D
  • Ninebot G30D ll
  • Ninebot G30E ll
  • Ninebot G30LD
  • Nnebot G30LE
  • And all other scooters with 10×2,5 rim

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