Inner tube for electric scooters 90/65-6.5


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This 10×3 inner tube is made of high-quality material and therefore extra reliable. The tube supports electric scooter tires size 90/65-6.5 and 110/50-6.5

Compared to solid tires, the tube provides you with the best possible driving experience. It is made of strong and durable rubber, which gives it a longer lifespan. If you also need tires, you can see our selection here.


There are several advantages to choosing an inner tube for your electric scooter instead of a solid tire:

Shock absorption: An inner tube provides a certain degree of shock absorption, which can make your driving experience more comfortable. It also means that the mechanical parts of your electric scooter, such as the battery and motor, are not subjected to as many shocks. Better grip on wet surfaces: The inner tube can provide better grip on wet surfaces, as it can conform to the surface and thus provide more contact. Lightweight: An inner tube typically weighs less than a solid tire, which can have a positive effect on the overall weight and driving characteristics of the electric scooter.

Overall, an inner tube is a good investment for your electric scooter, as it can provide a more comfortable driving experience. On the other hand, you may risk getting a flat tire, so if you are heavily reliant on your electric scooter, solid tires may be the best solution. You can see our large selection of solid tires here.

Compatible with:

All electric scooters that use 90/65-6.5 All electric scooters that use 110/50-6.5

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