Information about delivery of parcels outside Denmark

Elshoppen strengthens cooperation with DAO & DHL for delivery of parcels outside Denmark.

As of 1 April, we have entered into a new cooperation with DAO, DHL & Posti for the shipment of parcels to EU countries. This means that we can now deliver parcels to virtually all countries throughout the EU from 60 DKK ex. VAT. With this agreement we can halve the cost for you as a customer when you come from the following EU countries. If you have any questions about our EU prices, please feel free to contact us at

Country< 500 gr. < 1 kg< 2 kg< 5 kg< 10 kgVejl. Transit time
Germany7581,2587,593,75112,53 days
Sweden*7581,2587,593,75112,53-5 days
Netherlands87,593,75100106,251253 days
Poland87,593,75100106,251253 days
Czech Republic87,593,75100106,251253 days
Belgium87,593,75100106,251253 days
Luxembourg87,593,75100106,251253 days
Austria106,25118,75125137,5162,53 days
France*106,25118,75125137,5162,53-5 days
Finland106,25118,75125137,5162,53-7 days
Slovenia118,75131,25156,25175193,753-6 days
Hungary118,75131,25156,25175193,753-6 days
Romania118,75131,25156,25175193,753-6 days
Slovakia118,75131,25156,25175193,753-6 days
Bulgaria118,75131,25156,25175193,753-6 days
Croatia118,75131,25156,25175193,753-6 days
Liteauen*118,75131,25156,25175193,753-6 days
Latvia*118,75131,25156,25175193,753-6 days
Estonia*118,75131,25156,25175193,753-6 days
Spains118,75131,25156,25175193,753-7 days
Greece118,75131,25156,25175193,753-7 days
Ireland118,75131,25156,25175193,753-7 days
Portugal118,75131,25156,25175193,753-6 days
Italy118,75131,25156,25175193,753-6 days

*To Sweden, France, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, at the time of writing, shipments can only be made to parcel shops. All prices are in DKK incl. VAT.

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