Ninebot workshop

Are strange noises coming from your engine? Do you get an error code? Elshoppen Ninebot workshop offers service and repairs to your Segway Ninebot ES1 , ES2 or ES4.

As the only webshop in Denmark, we offer service and repair of Ninebot & Xiaomi electric scooters. We have our own Ninebot workshop where you can repair your defective Ninebot scooter. We have all ninebot reserves in stock.

The workshop is reserved for customers who have purchased a scooter at Elshoppen .dk. If you have purchased your scooter from another supplier, we cannot offer you this service at this time.

  • DKK 399 troubleshooting
  • DKK 399 for part replacement
  • DKK 199 Freight with GLS max 20 kg.

You pay Freight, troubleshooting, replacement of the part and for the spare part.

You can order your repair by contacting us at