Key for Ninebot and Xiaomi wheel change


Key for Ninebot and Xiaomi front-wheel shift, a combination of strength and functionality.
This star fork key makes wheel changes on your Ninebot or Xiaomi electric scooter incredibly easy.
Made in chrome vanadium

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Weight 0.1 kg
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Cecotec Bongo Serie A, E-WAY, ETWOW, GoRunner Comfort, Ninebot E22D, Ninebot E22E, Ninebot E25D, Ninebot E25E, Ninebot E45D, Ninebot E45E, Ninebot ES1, Ninebot ES2, Ninebot ES2L, Ninebot ES4, SoFlow, VGA Maxi, Xiaomi 1S, Xiaomi Clones, Xiaomi Essential, Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi PRO, Xiaomi PRO2, Xiaomi Scooter 3