MET Yoyo Helmet for Electric Scooters




This MET skater helmet is made with 12 ventilation holes, which ensures increased ventilation on your trip. It is made of incredibly high quality and the helmet is suitable for electric scooters, BMX and skaters, and can also be used for everyday bike rides, as well as when you are riding scooters and roller skates. This quality helmet ensures you can feel safe and secure.

Color: Black
Weight: 412 grams
12 ventilation holes
Click chin buckle
Adjustable straps
Removable pillows
Helmet bag
Safety and quality

The URBAN helmet from MET only needs to be wiped over with a damp cloth. The helmet is equipped with removable cushions that can be hand washed. Do not tumble the pillows or get in the washing machine.

Adjustment and application
This helmet ensures you a perfect fit as the removable cushions are designed in different sizes. The helmet is easy to adjust and provides high comfort throughout your electric scooter ride. The adjustment can only be done by means that the cushions helmet cannot adjust on the back, only our MET ZONE helmet can do this.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg



M 54-57 CM

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