Navigation bag for all electric scooter/bikes




The Navigation bag for you electric scooter is spacious and made of high quality, it allows you to show your fellow road users which way you need to go and ensure your safety. The bag is waterproof and scratch-resistant.

The bag has five LED signals:
1. Running the signal
2. Left turning signal
3. Right turning signal
3. Standby signal
4. Danger signal
Everything is operated by a wireless remote control that can be easily attached to your electric scooter or bike. Can be used for all-electric scooters.

– 5L capacity.
– 500 mA rechargeable lithium battery (built-in), USB charging.
– LIGHTWEIGHT (450 g).
– DURABLE AND WATERPROOF: The backpack is made of waterproof nylon fabric material. It provides strength and long-lasting performance.

Suitable for:
Ninebot-Segway ES1
Ninebot-Segway ES2
Ninebot-Segway ES3
Ninebot-Segway ES4
Ninebot-Segway E22E
Ninebot-Segway E25E
Ninebot-Segway E45E
Ninebot-Segway MAX
Xiaomi M365
Xiaomi 1S
Xiaomi Essential
Xiaomi PRO
Xiaomi PRO2
and many more

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Lime, Orange