Xiaomi MI M365 Pro


Electric scooter in elegant aluminium design that folds easily and is taken under the arm. Cruise control gives you a consistent speed on the scooter and the pneumatic tyres absorb shocks and prevent the scooter from slipping out.

With the large battery, you can drive up to 45 km before recharging it. On the LED display, you can keep up with your speed, battery capacity and more.
You also have the option to connect the scooter with the MI Home App, where you can also see the current status of the scooter, speed, current battery capacity, etc.

Rules for electric scooters:
Electric scooters may be used on the same roads and areas that a bicycle may ride. If you are going to drive with electric scooters on public roads, you must comply with these rules:

• Permanent light in the form of at least a headlamp giving a white or yellow light and a red tail light. The lamps must be visible at least 300 metres away
• The electric scooter must have at least one white reflector visible from the front
• The electric scooter must have at least one red reflector visible from behind
• The electric scooter must have at least one yellow or white reflector visible from both sides
• The maximum speed of the vehicle shall be 20 km/h on its own initiative
• There must be only one person on the scooter

An electric scooter shall have a maximum weight of 25 kg, a length of 2 meters, and a width of 0,70 m measured at the widest point.

Age requirements for use
To use electric scooters, electric skateboards, etc. on public roads, you must be over 15 years of age. Persons under the age of 15 may use the vehicles only if they are accompanied by an authoritative person or are in signposted play and living areas.

Additional information

Weight 17 kg