Trotter balance board



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The Trotter onewheel or balance board is a combination of a go-kart wheel and an electric scooter. The balance board is both stylish, and incredibly stable, and is challenging to master. Trotter is legal on public roads and has a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

The balance board does not require remote control and is controlled with your balance. The product requires a lot of training before it can be used in public traffic and you trust the board.

High quality
Made of Aluminium and metal
Interchangeable engine
11-inch tires
Max 120KG
Speed: 20 km/h
Max Increase: 30%
Distance: Up to 18-25 km
Weight: 15.7kg
Water rejection: IP56
Braking method: Lean backward
Charging time:2 hours (Normal charger) / 30 minutes (Fast charger)
Warranty: 12 months
The package includes: Trotter *1, standard charger*1, manual*1.

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Weight 19 kg