Bottom plate screws Ninebot Max


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Are you in need of new bottom plate screws for your Ninebot Max electric scooter? These bottom plate screws fit the bottom plate of all Ninebot Max electric scooters and are made of high-quality material.

Safety: Bottom plate screws are essential to keep the bottom plate securely fastened to your Ninebot Max scooter and avoid water damage or other issues.

Easy installation: Bottom plate screws for Ninebot Max electric scooters are easy to install. You can easily replace the old or damaged screws with the new ones, and you’ll be ready to ride again in no time.

Fits all Ninebot Max models.

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Ninebot G30, Ninebot G30D, Ninebot G30LD, Ninebot G30LD II, Ninebot G30LE, Ninebot G30LE II