Off-road tires for electric scooters 90/65-6.5


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These 90/65-6.5 off-road tires in 11-inch size are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability for compatible electric scooters. They are suitable for the following models:

  • Zero 11X
  • Vsett 11+
  • Speedual Plus
  • Dualtron Ultra
  • Kaabo Wolf Warrior King

The tires fit all the above models that use a 6.5″ rim.


  • Size: 90/65-6.5
  • Design: Off-road pattern for superior traction and grip on uneven surfaces
  • Durability: Made from durable material to withstand tough terrains and riding
  • Stability: Optimized construction to maintain stability and control during rides
  • Road Grip: Pattern design provides optimal road grip and handling in various conditions
  • Easy Installation: Can be easily mounted on compatible scooters without hassle

With these 90/65-6.5 off-road tires in 11-inch size, you can enhance your riding experience and explore terrains that would otherwise be challenging to tackle. Whether you’re riding on gravel paths, forest trails, or uneven surfaces, these tires will ensure reliable performance and traction on your Zero 11X, Vsett 11+, Speedual Plus, Dualtron Ultra, Kaabo Wolf Warrior King, and other compatible models. Take your ride to new heights with these off-road tires.

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