Ninebot by Segway KickScooter E45E


The market is booming with electric scooters and we love them. The electric wheelchair is environmentally friendly, easy to transport, cheap to recharge, and ideal for saving time and making everyday life more efficient.
The great KickScooter E45E from Ninebot by Segway is an electric scooter that, with its very compact size and its unique folding function like the ES2 model, can be taken anywhere. The electric scooter is a fashionable means of transport with a mobile app that allows you to connect with other riders. Enjoy the ride and connect with riders all over the world! The E45E comes with an extra battery that ensures up to 45 kilometers on a charge. However, this depends on various factors, such as weight.
In addition, this electric scooter also offers anti-lock and electronic brakes.

With 300 W of power, the E45E ensures strong propulsion on all types of roads. This means the E45E can handle gradients of up to 20%, while front-wheel drive ensures optimum acceleration, stability, and breaking performance.

45 km per charge
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Flap function
Fully charged in 6 hours

Additional information

Weight 16 kg


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