Original 10×2,125 tires for ninebot D-series and F-series


Original 10×2.125 tires for Ninebot D38E and D28E, as well as Ninebot F20, F25, and F30, manufactured by Ninebot to provide you with an exceptional riding experience. These tires are crafted from high-quality materials and are a perfect fit for both the D series and F series models (excluding F40).

The price is per tire.



The tires are crafted from soft, high-quality rubber that exhibits remarkable resistance to wear and punctures.


These tires feature deep patterns, enhancing road grip and control, especially on wet surfaces. Additionally, they come equipped with a broad profile to enhance stability during rides.


10×2.125 – These tires are an ideal fit for Ninebot F20D, F25, F30, as well as D18E, D28E, and D38E electric scooters, ensuring a perfect match.


  • ninebot D18E
  • ninebot D28E
  • ninebot D38E
  • ninebot F20E
  • ninebot F25E
  • ninebot F25D
  • ninebot F25D II
  • ninebot F30E
  • ninebot F30D

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Weight 0.4 kg


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Ninebot D18, Ninebot D28, Ninebot D38, Ninebot F20, Ninebot F25, Ninebot F30, Ninebot F40